There is a saying, “Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see and in today’s time, it is a language which the world needs most.  While, everyone is focusing on living a luxury and comfortable life, there are still many people who have a desire to bring happiness in life of others as well. Neki Ki Deewar or ‘Wall of Kindness’ is an live example that people still believes in kindness and humanity.  People leave their old clothes, old blankets, sheets, shoes and other items on this wall so that it can be used by the needy people.

What is Neki ki Deewar or Wall of Kindness, as the name suggests, Its a wall, where any one can come and leave their un-needed items and one is free to take the items they need without taking someone‘s approval. The initiative first started in Iran’s Mashhad.brings happiness to underprivileged by giving them clothes for free.

What is this site about? We are trying to provide a online platform where any one can list a ‘Neki Ki Deewar’ and others find a ‘Neki Ki Deewar’ nearby their location to go there and leave their items for needy ones.

Many people helped – There are many people in the world who are helping the needy by taking care of them and putting all the things on the wall of kindness that can help the poor and needy people. People in need get clothes to cover their bodies from here. Some people get blankets, sweaters, etc. to face the chilling cold. Those who are cooperating on the wall of righteousness should be given a different medal because they do not have bad thinking but are giving their support.

Why Neki Ki Deewar is not everywhere – So far this wall is only in some cities of  India including Bhopal, Haryana, Indore, Khal Khurd, Chhattisgarh. But if this wall is in every city, then everyone will contribute to reduce poverty and serve poor, helpless and orphaned people. Rather, we want that every city should have at least 4-5 this kind of wall so that our little contribution could bring smile on face of needy people.

Awareness not only to the wall is also necessary – not only the wall will not only fulfill the need of the need of the temple, but everyone will have to put their old clothes, old blankets from their house, chadar wagareh there, so that you also become the reason for smiling. Along with this, its awareness is also necessary, otherwise there will be a wall but no goods will be taken from there because those who have the goods do not know. Today’s youth will have to tell those needy people about this wall, which they find somewhere in poverty, helplessness, or other bad condition.

Why this initiative is a failure – The wall of Kindness is also a failure because in today’s time there are poor, beggars and other people who are misusing it.  People do not want to get clothes or other goods but they only want money, which is inappropriate somewhere. And There are many people who spend this money in intoxication which is not right.

There is a saying. ” No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Therefore we should help others as much as we can so that we can bring a smile on someone’s face.

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